Monday, May 10, 2010

When life gives you lemons . . .

It's been a long day . . .

I use that phrase a lot, probably more than I should. But today I have a good excuse (and not just because my 8 year old was in a "it's all about me!" mood today).

This afternoon when I got home from a wonderful day at work I was hit with the unexpected - a rejection email.

The editor who requested my YA novel last August decided that although she liked and appreciated the subject matter of my manuscript, she was concerned about the character development of my main character.

What am I supposed to say to that??

I have to admit I wallowed in self-pity for about two hours, splurging on a Venti Mocha (even though I had already had one earlier in the day), but then I got talk to my wonderful Hubby and really think about what had happened . . .

- Think about the reactions of my 1st readers when they first read Cat's story.
- Remember all the hoots and hollers I got when Mrs. Larson announced to the class that I was reading Cat to them.
- Relish in the fact that just 2 weeks ago I got a rejection from another editor who not only affirmed my writing ability, but asked to see more!!

It all kind of put things in perspective . . .

So yes, today I got a lemon. A huge, ugly, piece of citrus!

But the upside is, I LOVE lemonade!! :)


  1. you have the right attitude.. every NO is one step closer to the next YES

  2. Thanks Cristy!! I completely agree! ;)

  3. Way to rebound, Lisa! I love lemonade, too. Besides, there's more than one fish in the pond.

  4. Keep that chin up's only ONE person and in my "professional" opinion, she is just plain silly and annoying so THERE!

    I'm awed by your talent and your focus and drive, so just keep pluggin' away.

  5. You guys are GREAT cheerleaders!! Thank you!! :)