Monday, May 31, 2010

I'M BORED with nothing to do!!

Actually that's not true. There's a lot of things I could be doing right now, but I'm choosing not to do them . . .

Like going through my professional journal to see where I am.

And working on writing - ANY writing.

I went out this morning to do some work on Sophia, but for some reason was having a hard time concentrating. It may have something to do with my mom coming up tomorrow for the week, or that as of the end of this week I will officially have a high-schooler AND a Jr. high-schooler.

Or maybe it has to do with the GORGEOUS weather we are finally having . . .

I was so bored, I went to the grocery store (which I don't like to do) just to get myself physically out of the house.

Yep . . . that's pretty darn bored.

All I know is, I wish our brains had a switch so we can turn it on or off whenever we want to - and I'm not talking about sleep, and I'm not talking about the ability (that both my husband and kids have) to tune people out when they're not interested in listening.

This switch gives you the ability to do whatever you want to do wherever you want to do it when your brain goes into boredom mode. So for example, right now I would switch my brain to standing in line at the Dari-Maid in Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin.

Or maybe just hanging out at the beach . . . any beach, I don't care which one.

So maybe it's a good thing we still have this last week of school. Because if we were done, I'd probably be in a coma.

Oh, and yes, I didn't do a WOW last Friday because the school didn't post one. And I probably won't have one this week either. Guess I'll have to pull out the dictionary and do a little research.

At least that will keep me from being bored! ;)

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