Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday . . . WOW!!

It's fun how every time I think I'm caught up with my school's WOW, they pull a fast one on me!!

They switched the word before I got a chance to use it! UGH! :P

Well, regardless, the WOW for this week is . . .


Yet again the wise word wizards at my school are using another appropriate word for me since I've been graced by the good week fairy this week!

Opportunity - A favorable juncture of circumstances, A good chance for advancement or progress.

I like that!

For many different reasons I'm a person who believes people and situations happen to you for a reason . . . nothing is accidental or coincidental. However, when something does happen(good or bad) you have the ability to turn it into an opportunity.

I admit I'm not always the most positive person in the world. I have a tendency to work in extremes, one day I'm up and the next day I'm down. But, I always try to look for an opportunity out of any situation . . . especially if I'm helping others.

How's that for a happy, positive post to end the week??


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