Saturday, May 14, 2011

A new WOW! A day late, but not a dollar short!

I was hoping to get this posted yesterday, but with baseball/softball/whatever stuff going on in my life, I didn't get a chance. However, I'm here now....

I'm hoping the WOW for this week has future applications for me since I have less than 3 months until LA!

So this week's WOW is: JUBILANT!

Jubliant: adj. - Feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.

Now I have had jubliant times that had nothing to do with writing. In fact, I've had quite the opposite experience in many cases - especially when I see that dreaded manilla envelope in the mailbox - but I can tell you the jubliant times I've had related to my writing are the reasons why I'm still writing now.

- Hearing the happiness in my Grandma's voice when I explained to her Grandma's Secret was written for her.

- Getting my first magazine acceptance from Boys' Quest (even though it was going to be 5 years before my article would be published).

- Listening to whoops and hollers my 6th grade class gave me last year every time the teacher told them I was reading to them...and having those same kids come up to me every other day to ask me, "Are you reading to us today Mrs. Aikins?"

- Receiving such a favorable response from an agent last year about Sophia with her telling me, "This was my favorite manuscript of the conference!" - Even though things didn't pan out.

There are many more instances I could tell you, but it is Saturday night and I do have a manuscript to polish for LA...

So I hope you all have a jubliant night and fabulous weekend!

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