Sunday, May 22, 2011

A late WOW...but a good one...

It's been a nutsy kind of week. Although most schools have another couple weeks of school left (and some are open until the middle of June), we - thanks to our bankrupt state - are having our last week of school this week. Because of that, I've been running behind, as usual, but I had not forgotten this week's WOW.

So without further ado, the WOW is....


Understatement - n. The act or an instance of stating something in restrained terms, or as less than it is.

That having been say this has been a nutsy week is a vast understatement! In between packing and moving my curriculum out of my current classroom, to dealing with my son's 3rd grade play, and MORE's taking all my strength just to keep my head above water.

However the school has stopped posting their WOW, starting with this one, so I'm on my own. I've already got my next one for Friday, so I'm a head of the game. Thank goodness!

Have a great week!

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