Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Now staring......Book Review Wednesdays!

When I originally started this blog two years ago, I had planned on having one day's blog dedicated to reviewing kidlit books (both present and past - because there's just too many good books out there). Of course, it somehow got lost in my shuffle, but I have had the great fortune this school year to have some extra reading time.

So introducing...BOOK REVIEW Wednesday!

I'm so excited to be doing this! I will commenting on all forms of kidlit (picture books, middle grade, young adult, etc.) and like I mentioned both past and present. If you find a book in the library and are curious about it...please let me know, I just may have read it. ;)

BRW #1 - I Want My Hat Back by: Jon Klassen

My first BRW book is a picture book because, let's face it, we all start with picture books. They are the books that fill our memories the most from when we are wee little ones. I know for me it was In The Night Kitchen and Clifford the Big Red Dog. For my kids it was Rolie Polie Olie, Goodnight Moon, and The Grouchy Ladybug.

I'm sure for future generations, I Want My Hat Back will also be on that list.

I enjoy all kinds of picture books, but I have a soft spot for funny ones. On occasion, I pick up picture books on a whim when I'm visiting my local indie bookstore, but rarely does one make me laugh out loud. In fact, I hadn't had that happen since I'd read Martha Speaks some 15 years ago. But, I Want My Hat Back changed that...and I'm so happy it did!

Here's the book trailer I found...

What made me laugh the most about this book was the punchline-type twist at the end that both myself and my 13 year-old daughter loved. It is definitely a book that transcends the ages and would be just as much fun for a 40 year-old than it would be for a 4 year-old.

Let me know what you think and ENJOY!

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