Saturday, August 21, 2010

WOW . . . a day late . . .

I can't believe it's been so long since I've done a WOW. Now I'm in a position to do it, and it's not even Friday!

Oh well . . .

Anyway, our school has begun, but the WOW has not. That means I'm still left to my own devices to get it done and I think I've got a very good one this week.

So without further ado, this week's WOW is . . .


Now there are many, MANY different definitions of perspective, but in the interest of time and space I'm going to cut out any that involve the use of perspective in art. That leaves me with two options:

1. A way of regarding situations, facts, etc.; and judging their relative importance.

2. The proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it; objectivity.

The idea for this word came to me during our opening meeting for the classified members of our school district (ie: teachers, aides, etc.). Our principal was talking about using perspective to see the good out of the difficult times our district has gone through this past year. The district had to make some hard decisions and we lost a number of wonderful people because of it (including my young son's kindergarten teacher who I love tremendously). He went on to speak candidly to us about his personal experiences growing up . . . using them as examples of how his life could have been so very different if he had looked at it in another perspective. Choosing a positive way instead of the alternative.

His words were encouraging and inspiring, and I'm so grateful he confided in us.

That got me to think about my own perspective about my life. It reminds me that ALL of us have the power to dictate which way our life goes. Making simple decisions such as whether or not you're going to be positive or negative about a situation that gets thrown in your lap . . . or even the tone of voice you use with your friends, your family, and your children.

I am in my writing life for the long haul . . . regardless of how frustrating or annoying it is because my writing time has been cut to nearly zero in the past couple of weeks . . . and will continue to be so at least for the time being. But I know things will calm down and eventually things will happen the way they are suppose to.

As long as I keep my perspective.

If I'm talking in circles, please forgive me . . . it's been a very long week.

Have a happy weekend. :)

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