Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally . . . an update!

Hi all!!

I can't believe the last time I posted I was in LA and getting prepared for the start of the LA SCBWI conference . . . and now here I am, nearly 3 weeks later, and SO much has happened since then.

To start, the conference was exhausting, exhilarating, and brought things that were incredibly comforting and amazingly unexpected. And in the end I received a rejection, an acceptance, and had a potentially life-altering meeting.

1. The rejection - Unfortunately the agent I had Cat with decided not to represent me. When I received this, I had very mixed feelings. Although I was disappointed the agent didn't accept or understand my style, ultimately I believe this happened for a reason (more explanation at point #3).

2. The acceptance - Ironically, on the heels of my rejection, I received word from a magazine I had submitted to in April, and the news was good! My short story, Watercolor Walls, will be published in the October issue of Sparkle magazine!! YAY!!

3. The life-altering meeting - On the first day of the conference, I found out my critique of Sophia was with another well-respected agent who I had heard wonderful things about. Our meeting was on Friday, and what an exciting meeting it was. Not just because she raved about Sophia and "got" her . . . but because for the first time, I met someone (whether agent, editor, etc.) who I felt truly comfortable with. She was enthusiastic, helpful and very classy. After I informed her about the other agent who had Cat, she wished me luck and told me she would love for me to submit Sophia to her. So . . . I emailed the other agent, received my rejection, and subsequently (with fingers crossed) submitted Sophia to the agent from the conference . . .

Did you catch all that? lol!

Couple that with the fact my day job started on Monday (in addition to all 3 of my kids starting school), which helped make the past 3 weeks just disappear completely.

However, now that life seems to calming down (or at least starting into a routine), I will be back on my schedule of updating 2 to 3 times a week - complete with my Friday WOW's. Thankfully!!

Hope all you have a great new school year, and I'll see you Friday!! :)

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