Friday, June 18, 2010

WOW Friday . . . finally!!

Okay, okay, so now that I can't depend on the school marque for my WOW inspiration, I need to come up with my own. And for some reason I came up with the word . . .


Interesting one, isn't it?

Hogwash:(n) - Worthless, false or ridiculous speech or writing; nonsense.
OR Garbage fed to hogs (I didn't know that one!)

I came across this word as I was reading some celebrity blog about someone, I can't even remember who . . . oh well . . .

Anyway, the word HOGWASH popped out at me. I've always liked this word. It's fun and unexpected in an exclamatory kind of way. When I was a junior in HS I was in English honors and there was a guy in my class who had to critique a piece of my writing during the first week of school. Unfortunately I had misunderstood what the teacher had asked us to analyze. So I was COMPLETELY off the mark.

Without holding anything back, my classmate called my writing hogwash. And his comments questioned as to why I was in that class.

However, the guy ticked me off so much with his commentary, that I busted my butt and earned the admiration and respect of my teacher.

It's amazing what a little hogwash can do . . .

Have a happy weekend!! :)

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