Monday, June 21, 2010

An ode to my dad . . .

I know Father's Day was Sunday, and I meant to post this yesterday, but life got in the way . . .

I have always been envious of writers who when asked, "When did you want to be a writer?" they answer with something to the effect of, "I've always wanted to write." or "I've been writing since I was a kid."

I never thought about being a writer when I was a kid . . . in fact, I hated to write. In 3rd grade I wrote an 'All about Me' book and my three least favorite subjects were, math, spelling, and creative writing. Not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea.

Lately, my frustration would mount when I compare myself to other authors thinking, "Maybe this isn't in my blood . . . I don't have the same passion because I didn't intuitively know from a young age that this was what I was meant to do."

But all that HOGWASH (ha ha) went out the window when I thought about another writer who has worked just as hard, if not more so, to get to where he is.

My dad.

My dad is good at math and science. My dad wanted to go into aeronautics when he was a kid. And then something changed all that, my grandpa took him to see his first race at Elkhart Lake when he was 14.

Suddenly the light bulb went on and he decided he wanted to spend his life writing about and taking pictures of cars.

Why am I mentioning this? Because it was not an easy road for him.

Like I mentioned, my dad excelled in math and science. English and writing were NOT his strongest subjects. In fact the principal at his school pulled him into his office to lecture him about his chosen career path telling him, "We need more scientists, John. Your country needs you."

But that didn't matter. He knew what he was meant to do.

It took me a few years, and three kids, to get to the point where I knew, without a doubt, that writing for kids was my "thing".

So who is always one of my biggest cheerleaders? You guessed it! My dad has read every novel I have written and several of my short stories. He has no problem wearing his editing hat and giving things to me straight. Regardless of how he thinks I might take it.

And I will always be grateful!

Here's to my dad . . . "Never say die!"

Thanks, your ever-loving daughter, Lisa :)

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