Friday, April 23, 2010

WOW - Friday!!

It's time for this week's WOW - word of the week. Yes, I am still following the words at our elementary school, and I kid you not, the next word is . . .

OBSTRUCT - definition: To block or fill with obstacles. To impede or interfere with.

Hmm . . . an interesting choice of word indeed.

I have numerous things that obstruct getting my writing work done. I don't have a formal office in my house, so there are LOTS of things to distract me . . . a sink full of dishes, vacuuming that needs to be done, my dog who barks at every blasted thing that moves in front of my door or window. So I do my work outside of my house to avoid these obstructions.

When I first started writing, there were other more subtle things that would obstruct me,

Like not taking an English class all through college . . .
And not doing my research on book publishers or magazines that caused me to get many, MANY rejection notices . . .
And not understanding the differences between writing a picture book and writing a short story.

However the great thing about time and hard work, you learn how to overcome being obstructed.

Whatever that may be . . .

So good luck on overcoming your obstruction and HAPPY FRIDAY! :)

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