Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday - WOW (Word of the week)

One of the regular posts I envisioned for this blog was to do a day of WOW, aka - Word Of the Week. Now I'll admit this isn't a very original idea, but it came to me while I was going for walk one morning right after I started this endeavor.

As I was passing by the elementary school my two younger kids attend (and where I work), I saw the WOW glaring out at me from the school marque . . .


I kid you not, that was the word.

Now I've been trying to give more than just the writing aspect of my job as a writer some attention (and since this word was up while Winter Break was still going on), I thought this was very appropriate.

In addition, over the past three weeks, I've been researching information for my new YA novel. The subject matter involves brains, motor systems, and cancer. So needless to say it's all been very OVERWHELMING.

Over the past two weeks the other WOW's have been . . .


Yeah . . .

Okay so I'm figuring these words are going to be in my vocabulary A LOT in the coming weeks. Can't wait to go on my walk this weekend to see what next week's word will bring!

Maybe . . . PLOTTING?? :)

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  1. Hi Elisabeth. It was nice talking with you today. I'm "commenting" because I can't figure out how to contact you. :-)

    Jeri A Hastava
    Leap of Faith Web Design